The first California Chapter was formed in March 1973 under the name of Northern California Tole and Decorative Art Association and with the guidance of Micky Lynch, to provide a showplace for members to display their new-found talents. We became an affiliated chapter of the National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters (now know as SDP) in 1975. We renamed our chapter in 2001 to better reflect our goals and a broader interest of decorative art. We are now known as Northern California Decorative Artists (NCDA).

About Us

NATIONAL TOLE MONTH: In the month of October we celebrate National Tole Week, during which time the local chapter promotes awareness of our art form by hosting displays for hand-painted items from our members in the local libraries.

NEWSLETTER: Tole and Tell: The newsletter is published bi-monthly and distributed to members via email.

The Society of Decorative Painters (Growing in an artful life, together) is a world association organized in 1972 to act as a central dissemination point for information about activities related to decorative painting; to raise and maintain a high standard for the art of decorative painting; and to stimulate interest in and appreciation for the art form. 

STATE AND COUNTY FAIRS: NCDA is an official monetary sponsor of Alameda County Fair Tole and Decorative Painting Division. The event is usually held in June/July. All painters may submit their art for jury and judging. Members are invited to spend a day at the fair demonstrating our techniques to the public and inviting them to join out chapter.

MEMORY BOX PROJECT: Hand-painted memory boxes are given to grieving parents so that they have something to take home from the hospital to help remember their child. The memory box program, started in 1998, is in place at decorative painter’s groups across the country. Since its inception, more than 113, 000 boxes have been given to parents nationwide. Local efforts have supported hospitals throughout California. ype your paragraph here.

President – Donna Singer
1st Vice Pres – Penny Partch
2nd Vice Pres – Cheryl Robertson
Secretary – Judy Pino
Treasurer – Beckie Underwood

Auditor – Zee Forsberg
Newsletter Editor – Peggy Kramer

Advertising & Marketing – Open

Community Outreach & Education – Peggy Kramer

Donations: Penny Partch

Fairs – Mary Robertson

Honorary Historian – Winnie Sutton
Hospitality – Zee Forsberg
Membership – Cheryl Robertson 
Programs & Seminars – Donna Singer
Sunshine – Penny Partch
Website & Facebook – Beckie Underwood